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Got the following email from MNB user Nicole Wilkinson about comments we made yesterday about Procter & Gamble’s customer-centric strategies:

I'm sure it was probably an oversight on your part but I when you talk about P&G’s innovation strategy and their focus on forging "stronger and deeper relationships with customers".  Well I should remind you about the recent stories about P&G's Pampers and the new Dry Max technology.  Not only is P&G not forging a stronger and deeper relationship with their customers they are out rightly ignoring concerns from parents who have had issues with these new diapers.  They are deleting messages on their Facebook fan page and have continued to promote and sell their diapers as though there is nothing wrong (You actually covered this aspect a few weeks back).  I don't believe that passing off concerns from parents as "your kid just has a diaper rash" is way of forging a "deeper relationship with parents".  I think this is one area that P&G could easily improve their relationships with customers.

We had a story yesterday about all the different ways that the banking industry is trying to head off financial reform that includes the regulation of credit and debit card swipe fees, and commented that “it seems pretty clear that the banks will do anything and everything to stop this amendment from going through; expect them to suggest that the bill will result in ‘death panels’ if they get even a hint that it might scare people into opposing financial reform at this level.”

MNB user Jack Ericsson responded:

Mentioning “Death Panels” in your discussion about credit card fees - how inappropriate. That ship has sailed…at least until after the next election.

To mix metaphors a bit...the ship may have sailed, but I’m still willing to beat a dead horse.

Sure, it may have been inappropriate. But I sort of specialize in being occasionally inappropriate, especially if I can get a joke out of it.

Yesterday’s MNB featured the following sentence:

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), managed by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), announced yesterday that the On-Farm Food Safety Programme (OFFS) known as the CanadaGAP scheme, managed by The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC), has been given full recognition by the GFSI Board of Directors.

Which led MNB user john Rand to write:

Whatever else, you are to be congratulated for a serious entry into the informal sweepstakes for Maximum Number of Impenetrable Acronyms in a Single Paragraph (MNIASP)

And another MNB user agreed:

Most acronyms ever in one sentence...But that's how they actually speak at the organization previously known as CIES.

Actually, TBF, it was MNB’s CG who wrote that sentence. JHAGT.
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