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It was less than two weeks ago that MNB took note of a story in the Winston Salem-Journal reporting that there is a new billboard in Mooresville, North Carolina, for Delhaize-owned Bloom, that “emits the smell of black pepper and charcoal to promote a new line of beef ... A giant fork rises from the ground to the billboard, where it pierces a piece of meat.”

Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is striking back with its own billboard that it says “shows a skinned cow's head on a slaughter hook and emanates the smells of rotting flesh, urine, feces, and blood. PETA's billboard will read, ‘Meat Stinks: Go Vegan. PETA.’ The group says that it has the studies and stats to show that meat stinks for animals, human health, and the environment.”
KC's View:
These guys are disgusting. I don’t mind them having a political opinion, but I pity the poor parent who has to explain the PETA billboard to a little kid.

I’d do it this way: “In the world, there radical extremists who think that they are better than everyone else and that only their opinion is right. They also don’t have a sense of humor, and are to be avoided at all costs. Want to go get a bacon cheeseburger?"