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The New York Times reports about a company called Automated Media Services (AMS) that “has been working for years on a system that would deliver television in retail environments in a way that would allow media agencies to plan and buy commercial time in stores just as they do on the networks, channels and stations watched at home. The system, which the company calls 3GTV, also includes provisions to verify that commercials have actually run ... The presence of the 3GTV screens near or in front of the products advertised in the commercials represents an advantage ... compared with existing systems in stores that use TV screens at or above check-out counters, after purchase decisions have already been made.”

The initial test of the system is slated to take place at nine Delhaize-owned Bloom stores in Maryland and Virginia. The Times notes that “as the test nears, Bloom will work with Automated Media Services on placing the screens and determining how many are needed in each store to minimize any consumer perception that the system is intrusive or bothersome.”
KC's View:
It probably was inevitable that as more of us use DVR technology to avoid commercials, advertisers would find new ways to get them in front of us. If they are good commercials, we probably won’t mind. Much. If they are annoying commercials, we will mind. A lot.