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Interesting piece in Time about how the recession seems to have affected people’s beverage consumption habits - while healthy drinks seemed to be making inroads while the economy was more prosperous, “recession has brought that growth to a screeching halt as consumers have returned to their once true — and cheap — love, soda pop. The sweet bubbly beverage had a bigger jump in sales than bottled water, juices, sport drinks and most other segments did over the past 18 months, reports Mintel International Group, a market-research company.” At the same time, milk, yogurt drinks, fruit juices, bottled water and sports drinks all saw sales declines - save for energy drinks, which still saw sales increases though not as much as in the recent past.

The irony, Time points out, is that at least some of the soft drink companies have invested in the healthier drink business, believing that this might be where the future is.
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