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In the UK, the Telegraph reports on a new study showing that people who consumed sugar were better able to perform under pressure than those who did not and those who consumed products made with artificial sweeteners. The study, done by researchers from Australia’s University of New South Wales and Queensland University, suggests that glucose is required for “executive functioning,” and makes it possible for people to control impulsive behavior.
KC's View:
Wait a minute.

Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago that we reported on a new study by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center that said “eating a lot of foods and drinks sweetened with fructose significantly raises a person's risk of having high blood pressure ... The study is the latest to link a sugar-laden diet with higher blood pressure, but it also clearly fingers fructose as a major contributor.”

No wonder shoppers are confused.

(Of course, the stories I read did not make clear who or what paid for these various studies. I’m cynical enough to believe that often the financial background can clear up at least some of the confusion...)