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The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that “a report originally due to Congress July 15 outlining a set of voluntary standards for marketing foods and beverages to children has been delayed, and it isn't yet clear when it will be completed, according to people familiar with the work.”

No reason for the delay has been given, though there are some who say that they believe that the standards are too strict, which may have given the report’s authors pause.

The report has been developed by officials from various federal agencies, and a draft was circulated late last year that proposed various voluntary standards for the nutritional content of foods being marketed to kids. Before going to Congress, there was supposed to be a period of public comment - but the standards have not been formally released, so there has been no public comment and no delivery to Congress.
KC's View:
I guess it is a good thing if unreasonable standards - even voluntary ones - are not put into place. But man, sometimes it seems like the wheels of government grind exceedingly slow ...