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Marketing Daily reports on a new Experian study saying that moms are getting older - mothers 35 and older have grown from 40.9 million to 44.9 million in the last four years.

The study suggests that this is good for the Green movement, since it isn older moms who generally are more willing to make the move into acquiring so-called “green” products. At the same time, the study suggests, younger moms also are migrating toward sustainable product choices.

The shift is attributed “to more information available about the impact of green choices on children's health, whether it's reading about organic milk or the benefits of free-range chicken. The growth trend toward green purchases among younger moms, at this point, is outpacing the 35-and-older mothers by at least 5% a year.”

One other interesting note from the study, according to Marketing Daily: “The study also puts the population of moms who work outside the home (either full- or part-time) at 62%, or 19.6 million moms, while 21.5% (or 6.8 million) identify themselves as stay-at-homers. Some 30.8%, or 9.7 million, are unmarried.”
KC's View:
If these shifts indeed are taking place, it means that marketers had better adjust their focus...because today’s and tomorrow’s moms simply do not have the same priorities and needs as yesterday’s moms.