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The Oregonian reports that Kroger-owned Fred Meyer has announced that beginning in August, it will no longer offer plastic bags in its 10 Portland-area stores.

According to the story, “The grocer's move came days after Mayor Sam Adams shared a draft ordinance that would ban plastic bags starting January 2012 in large chain grocers and retailers that feature pharmacies in Portland. The ordinance, which the city council will vote on next month, ultimately aims to steer shoppers toward reusable bags such as cloth -- and not simply to divert them to paper. To do that, it would require that grocers charge 5 cents for paper or compostable bags and offer reusable bags for sale.

“While other metro-area grocers have ditched plastic bags -- Whole Foods eliminated them companywide in April 2008 -- Fred Meyer represents the largest chain locally to make such a move. New Seasons Market, which has never offered plastic check-out bags, is looking to offer options beyond paper or reusable bags, such as rentable wagons, at its new Hawthorne store, which should open this fall.”
KC's View:
It is all about creating habits...and while it will take time, people eventually will get used to bringing their own bags.

(The other day I took Mrs. Content Guy’s car to the supermarket, and discovered that when she’d cleaned it out, she’d taken out all our canvas sacks and forgotten to put them back. So, for the first time in years, I got bags from my grocer...and it felt weird.)