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Kroger announced yesterday a new “digital coupon center” that will offer “discounts on Kroger store brands as well as manufacturer discounts and web-only coupons that apply to a variety of brands,” according to a story in the Denver Business Journal. The program applies to all of Kroger’s banners, and allows customers to easily load offers directly onto their Kroger Plus Card or loyalty cards for other stores Kroger operates.

“This new digital coupon center makes it even easier for our customers to save money,” Evan Anthony, Kroger VP of corporate marketing and advertising, said in a statement. “Our customers asked to make online coupons easier for them to use and we listened. The time and money they can save is just the latest way Kroger delivers more value to its customers.”

The digital discounts will be active on a customer's card one hour after the discount is loaded onto the loyalty card, Kroger said.
KC's View:
I think that companies can create a real differential advantage for themselves when they develop programs that make it easy for customers to use things like coupons. Make us jump through hoops, collect paper, ends up being annoying. But putting discounts/coupons directly onto our cards, giving us information about what those discounts are so that we can act on them, and then making the transaction effortless - that’s a real value.