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A joint study from Deloitte and Harrison Group entitled, "The 2010 American Pantry Study: The New Rules of the Shopping Game," suggests that “92 percent of people surveyed have changed their grocery shopping behavior in the last two years.  In particular, 89 percent said they have become more resourceful while 84 percent say they are more precise when they shop.”

The study says that “American consumers have re-learned how to shop — and in the process re-shaped the playing field for both consumer products marketers and packaged goods retailers.  The recession has made it necessary for Americans to rethink and adjust their shopping patterns, which has resulted in a more strategic, informed — and even calculating —approach to a shopping game previously driven by impulse, advertising responsiveness and the fundamental attractiveness of brands.”

The survey also showed that “while this new shopping approach is generally based on spending less, approximately two out of three (65 percent) people do not feel like they are sacrificing much. In fact, 79 percent reported feeling smarter about the way they shop versus two years ago. Moreover, consumers have embraced a persistent recessionary mindset, as 93 percent surveyed said they will remain cautious and keep spending at their current level, even if the economy improves.”

And, from the study:

“This new resourceful shopper has an ever-evolving set of tools at their disposal and the insight to know how to use them effectively.  They view their ability to mix coupons while leveraging multiple channels, discounts and store competitions as essential to getting the most value for their dollar.

“The study also uncovered that loyalty cards are very important to shoppers with 84 percent reporting having at least one, and 65 percent describing them as an ‘essential/very important’ money-saving method.  In addition, 44 percent of consumers surveyed are now using loyalty cards in grocery stores every time they shop. According to consumers surveyed, coupons are another popular tool with 67 percent of people increasing their coupon usage and finding them across a variety of media outlets including: newspapers (59 percent), mail (54 percent), store (53 percent) and online (41 percent).”
KC's View:
An interesting if not very surprising study, especially when considered in the context of the following story...