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According to a new “American Pulse” survey, “almost half (48.2%) disagree/strongly disagree that this is a financial “recovery summer” for the US ... Only 17.6% agree strongly agree in the summer revival and two in five (43.4) think the Obama administration’s efforts for getting the economy back on track have made matters worse. (32.4% say attempts have been helpful and the jury is still out for 24.2% of Americans.)”

The survey was conducted by BIGresearch.,
“Additionally, more people think President Obama’s accomplishments, such as healthcare and financial reform should be booed (41.4%) than applauded (37.6%) and one reason could be uneasiness over increased government spending. 75.1% say that the growing deficit is hurting future economic growth for America.

“From all the uncertainty over the economy, new consumer behaviors are emerging. For example, 65.5% of consumers say they have cut back their credit card usage. And almost three-fourths of those (72.9%) say they don’t plan on ever returning to how they used credit cards prior to the recession. Further, it appears that consumers are looking for additional ways to stretch their dollars. As a result of the recession, 33% say they have purchased items at thrift/charity stores such as Goodwill, 30.8% say they have bought at wholesale clubs and 30.4% say they have bought online. 26.9% have hit up garage sales because of tough economic times.”
KC's View:
I’m not doubting the veracity of these survey results, but I would point out, just to be fair, that the only lines I’ve seen lately have been at various Apple Stores, where high-priced iPhones and iPads seem to be in demand. I’ve yet to see a bread line, or a gas line.

I’m just sayin’...