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Kraft Foods announced yesterday that over the next three years it plans to significantly increase the whole grain content in its leading Nabisco cracker brands, more than doubling the amount of whole grain currently used across the Nabisco portfolio.  Over the next three years,” the company said, brands that include Wheat Thins, Honey Maid, Premium and Ritz will include more whole grain. By 2013, the company said, it expects that “Nabisco crackers will contribute more than nine billion servings of whole grain to American diets each year.”

Kraft said that it “has spent four years and invested significant resources in its flour milling technology, recipe development and testing to find ways to add more whole grain to its popular cracker brands.  The company will be using whole grain wheat flour to increase the whole grain content of these products.  Whole grain wheat flour is milled using the entire wheat kernel (bran, endosperm and germ) to offer the benefits of whole grain.”
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