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Nice piece in the Boston Globe about former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch, who currently is studying at Harvard University about 1) how to end food waste, and 2) how to get people to eat healthier food.

The reason he went to Harvard, Rauch said, is that “it really appealed to me as a way to transition from success to significance. You should have a reason to get up every morning that drives you and fills your heart and gives you purpose and meaning.”
KC's View:
Beyond the considerable importance of the subjects being studied by Rauch, I think that it is worth reinforcing his comment that success is not the same thing as significance.

In some ways, this is the same point that I talked about last week in my “Eye-Opener” piece about Wegmans’ Danny Wegman and Hy-Vee’s Ric Jurgens, who are looking for ways in which their companies can be more than successful, but can also have real and sustainable significance.