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Bloomberg reports that Walmart has hired Avril Conroy, formerly of TNK-BP, which is BP’s Russian joint oil venture, “to help lead its Moscow office ahead of a possible expansion into the country.” Common speculation is that Walmart is looking to acquire a Russian retailer as a way of expediting its entry into the Russian market, and Conroy worked for BP there from 2003 until just a few weeks ago.

TNK-BP is in the news at the moment, as it happens. The new CEO of BP, which continues to suffer major public relations and profitability woes from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, is Robert Dudley, who ran TNK-BP from 2003 to 2008; Tony Hayward, who he is replacing, reportedly is moving to Russia to take on a non-executive director role with TNK-BP.
KC's View:
If I have to choose between working for BP or Walmart, I’m definitely choosing the latter. BP’s future seems like nine miles of bad road...


Jon Stewart had a great line about the Dudley/Hayward exchange last night on “The Daily Show,” saying, “BP is like one big game of musical chairs. Except when the music stops there are still two REALLY nice chairs.”