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I debated with myself long and hard before deciding to venture down this road. Here goes...

The other day I got blasted over my reference to Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) as being for repeal of the just-enacted financial reform legislation, which includes provisions for reform and regulation of credit and debit card swipe fees. The criticism was legitimate, I thought, because I had accidentally left out the context and analysis that I originally intended; where I drew the line was when the writer described me as being “just another left-leaning cheerleader for disastrous policies,” which I thought was a little unfair.

Then, yesterday, there was an email from someone looking to support me, saying that the original writer sounded like “a typical Fox News (i.e., radical) Republican: an arrogant, narrow-minded bully who can’t see past his own anger at the fact that his taxes might go up.  These people have absolutely no clue about what led to the mess we now face and are frantically searching for someone with D before their name to blame.”

And now, there is another email, from MNB user Dave Vosteen:

Does this idiot really think attacking the Republican Party is the way to go. I can’t believe you gave him the space. Are you kidding me?????? The only news network that doesn’t pander to the left. He is a complete idiot and feel free to forward this to the Jackass!!!!!!!  “Republican: an arrogant, narrow-minded bully.”

Again the very phrase he accuses others of being he is himself!!!!! Tell him to go to hell and I am disappointed you would even give him the time of day. Are your left leanings coming out? I know we should all watch CNN and get the liberal left shoved down our throat and be like lambs led to die. What a typical democrat.

You illustrate my broader point.  You think he is an overly biased bully...and an idiot.  He thinks people like you are the same thing.  "Tell him to go to hell"?  There's no civility in the discussion, no room for any sort of compromise, no room to say that on some issues and approaches, the other guy may have a legitimate argument, even if you disagree with him.

“Left leanings?” When I ran the email from the more conservative reader, you didn't accuse me of having "right leanings"... because such a thing would never occur to you, because you think right is right and left is wrong.  The other side thinks that left is right and right is wrong.  The only thing that the two sides increasingly have in common is anger.  And if it continues unabated, you'll all have something else in common, at least from my perspective - increased political impotence.
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