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Crain’s New York Business reports that New York-based online retailer FreshDirect continues to fight unionization efforts. According to Crain’s, “More than a dozen maintenance workers who maintain the conveyor belts, refrigeration systems and other machinery at the company's Long Island City, Queens, warehouse filed for union status with the National Labor Relations Board.

“They will need to take a formal vote within a month or so to determine whether they will be represented by two unions which have joined forces to organize the online grocer's workers. The Teamsters and the United Food and Commercial Workers are hoping to sign a contract with the company's 1,000 warehouse employees and see this as a first step toward that goal.”

However, Crain’s writes that “FreshDirect said it doubts that the union has the support of a majority of the maintenance workers.”

Crain’s notes that there is history here:

“Nearly three years ago, the company was embroiled in a labor dispute and public relations fiasco when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents turned up at its headquarters to investigate whether it employed undocumented immigrants.

“Shortly before the ICE investigation, hundreds of warehouse workers submitted cards to authorize a National Labor Relations Board vote. The unions accused the company of causing the investigation in an attempt to scuttle their organizing efforts. The company fiercely denied the accusations. In the end, at least 150 employees were afraid to return to work because of the ICE raid and when the NLRB vote took place the remaining employees voted against joining the union.”
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