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The Sacramento Business Journal reports that “for the first time ever, Raley’s Inc. is converting one of its Raley’s format supermarkets into another one of its formats — its low cost Food Source banner ... Operating since 1993, the Raley’s on Stockton Boulevard in Elk Grove will become a Food Source at a date still undisclosed ... Word on the street is that the Raley’s on Stockton Boulevard was underperforming. And consumers have embraced discount supermarkets during the difficult economy. Raley’s was a little vague on the question of why the store is trading banners.”
KC's View:
Vague? Hmmm...maybe it is just me, but there doesn’t seem anything vague about converting formats to a discount banner. It hardly even requires a press release.

In this case, the media is like Steve Martin asking for “a sign” in “The Man With Two Brains.” Precisely how much of a sign do you want?