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Supervalu announced yesterday that the president of its New England-based supermarket chain, Mike Witynski, is departing the company “to pursue other interests,” and will be succeeded by Larry Wahlstrom, the former president of the chain who was himself replaced by Witynski in 2009.
KC's View:
Other than to say that Wahlstrom is the right guy to lead Shaw’s right now because his experience makes it possible to hit the ground running, Supervalu isn't saying a lot about the change in leadership at Shaw’s.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of chatter about the move, both inside and outside the company. And most of the chatter suggests that people think that this is a short-term fix ... that following on the heels of the company’s divestment of all of its connecticut stores, the whole chain is going to get sold, either in one piece or to a variety of buyers.

At the very least, the image persists that Supervalu is a company in turmoil ... and within the organization, there are a number of people trying to understand the vision of CEO Craig Herkert.