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The Chicago Tribune reports that litigation has been filed over the estate of Treasure Islands co-founder Christ Kamberos, who died last October at age 83.

According to the story, “A daughter, Christi Kamberos Matthews ... is suing her stepmother and accusing her of scheming to reduce Kamberos Matthews' inheritance ... Kamberos Matthews claims the estate is worth ‘in excess of several million dollars,’ but said in the suit she didn't know exactly how much. She claims her stepmother, Maria A. Kamberos, who now runs Treasure Island, engaged in a decades-long scheme to manipulate Christ Kamberos into eliminating Kamberos Matthews as one of the major beneficiaries of his estate.

Maria Kamberos has not yet commented on the suit.
KC's View:
I have no idea whether this lawsuit has any merit, but I have to admit that the name Christ Kamberos made me smile.

I can remember years ago producing a piece for the old “Supermarket Insights” video series about Treasure Island, and he went on camera to explain that when he designed a store, he thought of it as the gentle and romantic seduction of the female shopper. It was this great sound bite - probably lost now, since the owners of “SI” saw fit to throw out all the tapes when they closed down the video division because they thought there was no future in video and that they should sink all their money into print magazines. (No, I’m not bitter...)

Anyway, Kamberos was great. I’m sorry his family doesn’t see eye-to-eye.