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The Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal reports that Supervalu CEO Craig Herkert and a number of senior executives from human resources, technology, real estate, supply-chain services and finance have moved out of the company’s corporate headquarters and into leased space about a half mile away in the company’s East View Innovation Center, located in Best Buy’s former corporate headquarters.

The move puts the executives in the same place as Supervalu’s top marketing and merchandising people, and Mike Siemienas, a Supervalu spokesman, tells the Journal that “we did this move to ensure cohesion among the executives by having them all in one location.”

According to the story, “Inside the East View building, Supervalu built a mock store and a large number of test kitchens where it develops company-branded products.”
KC's View:
I could be cynical about this, and suggest that the best way to intimidate people and stifle innovation is to move in a bunch of senior executives (especially the finance guys).

Or, I could be optimistic and say that maybe this is Supervalu’s way of trying to create a culture of innovation that permeates the company.

Let’s go with the latter. It’s Friday, and I’m tired of being cynical.