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Marketing Daily reports on new research from The NPD Group into the acquisition habits of twenty-somethings, saying that:

• They are "connected like no generation before them," confident, and “tend to have an ‘of the moment’ mentality.”

• They “are more likely than other age groups to heed cravings -- and to highly value minimal preparation time -- when it comes to food and meal choices.”

• They “are more likely than consumers in other age groups to use frozen entrées and other portable, quick-prep items, and this translates to low consumption of leftovers.”

NPD Group also says that twenty-somethings have a) been hard-hot by the recession, and b) tend to be heavy users of discount retailers such as Walmart.

NPD analyst Darren Seifer tells Marketing Daily that “For food CPGs and restaurant marketers, major opportunities -- and challenges -- lie in learning how to communicate effectively with this ‘connected’ generation, as well as offering products and meal/snack solutions that fit their spontaneous, budget-conscious lifestyles.”
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