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Wine Spectator reports that a new study from the University of Sheffield in the UK “suggests that regular alcohol consumption decreases the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis and can lessen the symptoms of the disease for those who already suffer from it.” The researchers, according to the story, “caution that the results are limited, but the findings could lead to valuable new research for limiting this painful, often disabling condition” that “affects an estimated 1 percent of the world's population, attacking joints with painful inflammation.”

The study “found that nondrinkers were four times more likely to develop arthritis than people who drank alcohol on more than 10 days a month. For those with the disease who drank, levels of inflammation were lower.”
KC's View:
Good news here ... especially since after 35 years of jogging and a couple of marathons, I’ve been diagnosed with having some arthritis in my left knee. Good to know that in addition to the bicycle that I’ve been riding - in place of the old jogging and boxing regimen - a little bit of vino might help make a difference.