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Marketing Daily reports that Whole Foods has launched a new iPhone/iPad/iPod application called “Mission App,” which “offers 70 challenges/missions that involve users engaging in a series of steps to earn ‘badges and bragging rights.’

“Badges are earned for exploring a range of ‘delicious, nutrient-dense foods’ that can contribute to a healthier diet. Each user first creates a profile in order to track earned badges ... App users also have access to a database of more than 300 ‘simple, every-day’ tips on cooking, nutrition, green living, food storage and other healthy-living topics, and can share their own favorite tips via Facebook, Twitter and email. The new app also provides a Whole Foods store locator.”

• The Boston Globe reports this morning on a company called AisleBuyer, who has a new application on the iTunes store that allows you to “scan items in the store as you put them into your shopping cart, using your iPhone, and pay with a credit card — without waiting in line ... The free AisleBuyer app also lets you read product descriptions and reviews on your iPhone.”

To this point, the company has only one retail partner - a Brookline, Massachusetts, toy store. But it is hoping to expand far beyond this limited presence as it positions itself “as an ally of the real-world merchant.”
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