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• In the UK, the Telegraph reports that Tesco is testing a new grocery pickup service.

According to the story, “Under the scheme – which aims to appeal to busy mothers and shopaphobes alike – customers will order shopping online and then drive to a designated area in the store's car park to have their products loaded into their car at a pre-arranged time. Tesco said that the service has been designed for shoppers who want their goods picked and packed but who do not have the time to wait at home for delivery ... At the ‘drive-thru’ point, a car will be greeted by a Tesco staff member. The driver must provide a shopping reference number, and the shopping is then packed into the boot.

“Any substitutions will be flagged up to the customer as with any home delivery. A Tesco spokesman said that the same policies and price guarantees will apply as normal online shopping, so if a substitution with a more expensive item is offered, the original, lower price will be charged.

“Once the shopping is packed, the customer simply drives home.”

After a test at a single store, Tesco hopes to roll the service out nationally.
KC's View:
I’m actually sort of surprised that this is the first time Tesco has offered a service like this. I expect that they will find the same thing that so many US retailers have discovered - that the online ordering/pick-up model can be extremely effective and a lot more profitable for retailers that invest in it.