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There is a story out of the Netherlands saying that a supermarket trade group there is planning a test early next year of two stores that will only accept debit and credit cards - no cash.

The stores would be Albert Heijn and Deen Supermarkt units.

Reports say there is still some debate taking place about whether there should be one cash lane, rooted in concerns about how ready customers are for a cashless store. At some level, the groundwork already has been laid for such a shift - more than 300 Dutch stores reportedly already have checkout lanes that are card-only.
KC's View:
Checks are being outlawed in the UK, so it isn’t that hard to imagine that there soon will be no-cash stores. After all, people writer fewer checks than ever, and, I’m guessing, use less cash than ever. it isn’t hard to see where things are going.

Though I think for the time being, I’d vote with the “one cash lane” group. I’d hate to go into the experiment by completely disenfranchising an entire group of customers.