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A blog called The Food Section reports that “researchers at New Mexico State University conducted a series of experiments at supermarkets in Las Cruces where they temporarily redesigned shopping carts with the aid of some duct tape. The researchers marked a line across the width of the shopping carts using the tape and placed signs asking shoppers to place their fruit and vegetable purchases in front of the tape line and the rest of their groceries behind the line.

“According to Collin Payne, an assistant professor in NMSU’s College of Business, the duct tape demarcation of the shopping carts led to a whopping ‘102% bump’ in the purchase of fruits of vegetables.”
KC's View:
The conclusion seems to be that the simple use of duct tape highlights produce in a way that counteracts - or at least equalizes - the marketing money spent by CPG companies. I’m not sure it is that simple, even if it is intriguing.