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The Washington Post had a fascinating piece the other day about how the owners of the Gallery Place mall there were concerned about teenagers loitering and causing trouble at one of its entrances. And so they bought a gizmo called The Mosquito that “emits a high-pitched, headache-inducing sound that only young ears can hear.”

The technology is having mixed success, according to the story - it annoys some young people, while others feel less bothered, and some older people are able to hear it as well.
KC's View:
I’m fascinated by the notion of using technology to chase potential customers away ... though I guess the real targets are kids who won’t be spending any money at the mall. But isn’t the real problem that these kids have no place to go, no jobs that they can work at, and maybe even no parents who care enough to monitor their behavior and make sure they’re doing something more productive than loitering at a mall?