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Bloomberg reports on a study from he University of Texas in Austin
and Stanford University, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, saying that “drinking two or three glasses of wine, beer or cocktails daily helped older adults live longer than teetotalers.” The study found that “moderate and heavy drinkers were less likely to die than abstainers over 20 years ... Moderate drinkers were defined as having one to two a day while heavy drinkers had three or more daily.”

The Bloomberg story notes that “older adults who didn’t drink at all had a 49 percent greater risk of dying during the 20 years of the study than those who drank moderately, the researchers found. Heavy drinkers had a 42 percent increased risk of dying compared with moderate drinkers.”

According to the story, “the results refuted a common criticism of previous findings that results were skewed when researchers included former problem drinkers with poor health in the abstainers group. The results held up even after excluding results from past problem drinkers those with poor health status such as obesity.”
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