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Marketing Daily reports that a new study from NPD Group reveals the extent to which people are concerned about saving money in the current economic environment - 94% prepare a written list before leaving the house, and 72% say they never or rarely deviate from it.” In addition, seven out of ten consumers say they shop multiple channels to save money.

• The New York Times reports that the Chock Full o’Nuts cafe chain, which started during the 1920s and became almost ubiquitous in New York City before virtually disappearing during the eighties, is making a comeback - the first new restaurant opened by the company in years has been unveiled on 23rd Street between Fifth Avenue and Avenue of the Americas. The irony - the Times notes that it is operating “in the shadow of Mario Batali’s high-end Eataly complex.” The company hopes to open as many as 50 outlets over the next 15 years.
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