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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is launching a city-by-city campaign looking for legislators to impose a ban on all new fast food restaurants. The group started in Washington, DC, and is moving next to Chicago, using television commercials to paint fast feeders - especially McDonald’s - as merchants of death.

According to the story, “The spot shows a dead man laying on a gurney with a half-eaten burger in one hand and a grieving woman at his side. As the camera pans around and stops at the man's feet, the Golden Arches logo appears with the line, ‘I was lovin' it,’ in an twist on the chain's tagline. A voiceover states, ‘high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart attacks. Tonight, make it vegetarian’.”

Also on the target map for the campaign: Miami, Memphis, Houston, Detroit and Los Angeles.

It was Los Angeles, as it happens, where city officials voted for a temporary ban on the opening of fast food restaurants in the poor South LA neighborhood, where there was an outsized obesity rate. While there has been no concrete evidence of a huge impact on
KC's View:
No offense, but this is just silly.

I know the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine believes passionately in strict vegetarianism, but there’s simply no way they are going to get cities to ban new fast food restaurants. Ain’t gonna happen.

Maybe the physicians ought to spend more time working with their patients as opposed to trying to pass restrictive city zoning laws.