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Aldi has announced that it will open its first store inside a regional mall, in Westfield Chicago Ridge, an 800,000+ square foot regional shopping center outside of Chicago.

The store is scheduled to open in May 2011. According to the announcement, “Designed for convenience, the 20,000 square foot ALDI will feature an interior entrance, five spacious check-out lanes and plenty of parking. Plus, shoppers will enjoy a special ‘loading zone’ at the mall entry for enhanced convenience when loading groceries into their cars.”
KC's View:
This is a typical move in Europe, but not so much in the US. But these days, you have to go to where the customers are ... and that’s what Aldi is doing. If it works, expect Aldi - and lots of its competitors - to start aggressively moving into the empty real estate that can be found in so many of America’s regional malls.