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Bloomberg reports that “once 3G Capital completes its purchase of Burger King Holdings Inc., the Brazilian-backed investment fund and the fast-food chain’s franchisees may face a $3 billion tab to renovate aging U.S. restaurants.

“Last month, Chief Executive Officer John Chidsey told analysts that 85 percent of Burger King’s 7,200-plus locations in the U.S. need to be remodeled. Modernizing stores with the company’s new ‘20/20’ redesign will cost about $500,000 each, he said in June, with some going as high as $1.1 million. That could push the cost past $3 billion.”

According to the story, “Among Burger King designs still in use is a 1999 layout featuring metal chairs and bright blue booths. That compares with newly remodeled McDonald’s Corp. restaurants that showcase low lighting, cushioned stools and bossa nova music played through ceiling speakers.”
KC's View:
I thought their bigger problem was hamburgers that were blue and tasted like metal chairs. Maybe that’s just me...