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Marketing Daily reports on a new Mintel survey suggesting that more than six of ten US adults believe that the consumption of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is “okay in moderation.”

However, the numbers reported suggest that there remains considerable “public confusion and ambivalence,” as Marketing Daily puts it, about HFCS:

• 46 percent of consumers said that they don;t know enough about HFCS to say whether it is good or bad, while 35 percent said they avoid products that contain it.

• 65 percent said that the government should mandate that manufacturers disclose exactly how much HFCS is in any given product.

• “While 35% believe that the government should limit HFCS content in food/beverages, 45% think that this should be up to manufacturers -- and 37% say that no one should be responsible for imposing HFCS content restrictions.”
KC's View:

I actually take almost every survey these days about what government should and should not do with a grain of salt, since there is such a strong anti-government sentiment out there right that skews almost everything.

From my perspective, at the very least there has to be truth - and precision - in labeling. That ought to be the base line.