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In yesterday’s “Kate’s BlogBeat,” because of an editing error, the Price Chopper employee who caused a bit of a social media controversy by overreacting to a criticism of the company on Twitter was described as the "customer service rep at the center of the storm.” In fact, the employee was a relatively new hire who was not in customer service, nor was she part of the company’s social media team.

The postscript...

One of the reasons that the issue became public was that Syracuse University professor Anthony J. Rotolo learned of it and wrote about it on his blog, and it was then picked up by the media (including MNB). This week, MNB has learned, the notion of “continuing education” got new meaning, as Price Chopper’s president/COO, Jerry Golub, and the director of consumer insights, Heidi Reale, visited Rotolo’s class for a discussion of the events.
KC's View:
Just the fact that many of us misunderstood the initial events underlines the importance of separating noise from news. I know I should have done a better job on this one.

I will say this. Despite the (sometimes misreported) noise, my feeling from the beginning has been that this was an isolated incident that in no way reflects on Price Chopper as a whole.  It's just that isolated incidents can get a little bit more traction these days because of social media...