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Crain’s New York Business reports that King Kullen plans to shutter “its third store on Staten Island in less than two years.” Last year, the story notes, “two King Kullens were shuttered on Staten Island, one just 12 months after it had been converted from a Pathmark store.” As of next year, the retailer will have just three stores left on Staten Island.

According to the story, “Supermarket consultant Burt Flickinger says that the store closings have more to do with the weak economy on Staten Island than the financial health of the grocer. ‘Its sales and market share have never been better,’ Mr. Flickinger said. He also noted that the company has largely exited New York City in order to focus more on Nassau and Suffolk counties.”

King Kullen VP Thomas Cullen said that the store’s lease expired and that the company could not reach an agreement with the landlord.
KC's View:
I might get out of town, too, if I thought that companies like Walmart and Target were developing a small-store strategy targeting places like NYC.