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Brand Keys is out with a report projecting that Halloween spending this year is likely to be up 15 percent over last year, in part because it falls on a Sunday, leaving the entire weekend for parties and celebrations.

It is predicted that the average household will spend $70 on Halloween this year, with about 30 percent of it on candy. This year the top-10 most coveted candies are:

• Hershey Chocolate Kisses
• Snickers
• Nerds/3 Musketeers
• M&Ms
• Gummies
• Nestlé Crunch/MARS bar
• Candy Corn/Twix
• Reese's Pieces
• Tootsie Roll/Pops
• Hot Tamales/Kit Kats

That means the other half will be spent on costumes...and Brand Keys has a list of the top-10 favored costumes for 2010. Among young adults, 18 to 24 years of age, the top-10 favored costumes are:

• Jersey Shore cast member
• Lady Gaga
• Avatar character
• Snooki
• President Obama
• Iron Man
• Buzz Lightyear/Woody
• Pirate
• Alice In Wonderland/Mad Hatter
• Batman

According to the study, “Children are sticking with the traditional tried and true. Girls are planning on being witches, princesses, ballerinas, angels, and pop stars, while boys plan to be pirates, cowboys, skeletons, superheroes, policemen and firemen.”
KC's View:
And the really interesting thing is that all those little girls walking around dressed as witches will be saying, “Trick or treat...and no, I’m not a senator.”