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If an old lefty like Seeger can do it, anyone can.

With that line on Monday, Kevin described Pete Seeger’s support for people learning to listen to even those they disagree with. It’s a position that we’ve long advocated here as healthy for our political discourse and incredible vital for business success. But let me counter Kevin’s comment with one of my own:

Sometimes old righties can say the same and do it with a dose of humor.

If you missed it, this past Sunday’s episode of “Family Guy” featured Rush Limbaugh willingly taking jabs, counter-punching and, most hilariously of all, partaking in a big Broadway style song called “Republicantown.” He also packed a message about listening.

Early in the episode, Limbaugh is confronted at a book signing by Brian, the intellectual talking dog and outspoken liberal member of the cast. Limbaugh asks Brian what he really knows about him. Brian admits he’s never read anything Limbaugh has written, but has read what others have written about what Limbaugh wrote. Limbaugh challenges him to even read four pages of a recent book (with an incentive that he hides bologna in the pages; Brian is a dog after all).

Now, “Family Guy” is usually loaded with bathroom jokes, widespread insults and overall insanity (it’s my guilty pleasure), but that one line packed a message. We’re all entitled to opinions, but let’s make sure we actually consider those opinions and don’t base them on what others say or the sometime incredibly misleading stuff we see on television, the internet or group e-mails. I know this is shocking, but sometimes that stuff is wrong. Let’s listen and educate ourselves to form our own opinions.

And even those of you who can’t stand him, give Limbaugh credit for being willing to laugh at himself, for handling jokes on his dittoheads and even on his man-boobs. (As I said, this is low-brow humor.)

That’s my Thursday Eye-Opener.

- Michael Sansolo
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