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In upstate Connecticut, the Republican American reports that the Bantam Library there has decided that in order to be relevant to local residents, it needs to reach beyond its library walls. And so, “the library, using two grants totaling $36,500, has installed a vending machine anyone with a library card can use to check out materials. Known as the OWL Box, it's the first machine of its kind in the state” - and it is located at the entrance to the local Big Value Supermarket, more than three miles away from the library.

"We wanted to reach out to the people in Bantam and others in that area who can't always get to the center of town," says Anne Marie White, director of the local library. "Providing greater access to our materials is a goal, and we thought Big Value would be an ideal place to do it ... "We're offering more without adding staff and overhead.”
KC's View:
I believe this falls into the category of both a library and a supermarket thinking outside the box...