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Delhaize-owned Bottom Dollar Food has opened its first store in Pennsylvania, a 19,000 square foot unite that will offer almost 7,000 SKUs at discount prices. The company said that this is the first of as many as 20 stores that it plans to open in the Philadelphia region in the next two and a half months; 22 leases have been signed, and it is just a matter of how many can be gotten up and running by the end of the year.

“As we continue to expand in the market, we believe customers will enjoy shopping at our stores and we will win new business through our customer friendly approach and value we offer customers,” says Meg Ham, president of Bottom Dollar Food, adding, “We are very fortunate to have a strong emerging banner that we can continue to grow in new markets.”

This represents a major expansion - and almost a doubling in size - by Bottom Dollar, which currently operates 29 stores in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.
KC's View:
I’ve always like the Bottom Dollar format, and it is yet another example of how Delhaize is using a variety of different formats to build a sustainable fleet of stores that serves a wide variety of shoppers.

This move also speaks to the continued overcrowding of the Philly market...which is also the subject of our next story.