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Interesting piece in Advertising Age about an under-targeted demographic group - single people.

“They are a growing -- and graying -- force,” Ad Age writes. “Never-married single people ages 25 to 34 now outnumber the married crowd by 46% to 45%, a stark reversal from just a decade ago, when couples held a 20-point edge in the age group, according to an analysis of new Census data by the Population Reference Bureau. In essence, selling to singles no longer means just targeting teens and those in their early 20s.”

The story suggests that a few marketers are focusing on this group, but that largely the demographic group is not getting the attention it deserves: “ Freed from the restraints of family life, singles have a reputation for splurging ... In 2009, singles of all ages spent a higher share of income on alcoholic beverages, clothing, shoes and tobacco products compared with other households, but less on housekeeping supplies and insurance, according to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

And, the story goes on, “In the restaurant industry, communal tables are hot -- making it easier for singles to mingle -- and more eateries are offering breakfast and staying open all afternoon as a way to cater to singles on the go, said Clark Wolf, a New York-based restaurant and hospitality consultant. Also, singles are behind the surge in trendy food-trucks that ‘allow for a lot of standing around in line, which is where people like to meet and talk,’ he said.”

But the one thing that singles may not be looking for, according to the story, is being pushed into becoming part of a couple. That simply may not be the goal.
KC's View:
Single? I don’t even remember what being single was like...but it sounds like a pretty cool group.