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The Indianapolis Star reports that Ahold-owned Peapod is expanding from the 11 states where it currently does business into Indiana, where it plans to “deliver four days a week to Marion, Hamilton, Hendricks and Johnson counties.” There will be a $7.95 delivery charge for orders $100 and higher, and $9.95 for orders less than $100.

The story notes that a number of online grocery services have failed to get traction in Indiana, but the suggestion is that they may have caught the wave too early ... and that Peapod’s timing may be better than that of those who came before.
KC's View:
Last time I checked, Walmart operates in Indiana. And it is planning to introduce online grocery shopping next year.

Last time I checked, Amazon delivers to homes and businesses in Indiana, and it offers online grocery shopping. Same thing for Alice, another online grocery purveyor.

And, last time I checked, there is a segment of the Indiana population young enough to prefer using online retailers to buy many other things, that will soon be the center of the target when it comes to supermarket retailers, and that will be completely comfortable with the notion of doing a portion of their supermarket shopping on the internet.

Retailers not in the online space will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. It’s that simple.