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KING-5 News reports on a new University of Washington study saying that people who shop at upscale stores such as Whole Foods, PCC and Metropolitan Market tend to be less obese than those who who shop at places like Safeway, Albertsons and QFC.

The study suggests that there may be two reasons for this curious finding:

People who shop at the upscale stores buy less food because it tends to be more expensive, and they don’t equate quantity with quality.

People who shop at the upscale stores tend to be better educated, and so have a more contextual understanding of the relationship between health, exercise and food consumption. In other words, they’re smarter and act like it.
KC's View:
I get this...but I also think that the great opportunity is a consistent, persistent and extended strategy that not only looks to educate shoppers, but treat them as intelligent and discerning. It is creating shopping experiences that do not cater to the lowest common denominator. Such approaches are not solely the property of upscale retailers. They just do it better.