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Not a good day for veracity yesterday, I’m afraid...

• MNB noted an Olympian report that WinCo Foods has three new store openings planned for Sunday, November 7 - in Lacey and Everett, Washington, and Tracy, California - which, according to our count would bring the chain’s fleet of low-cost supermarkets to 76.

Well, my math teacher father would not be surprised. I got the count wrong. The three new stores brings the entire WinCo fleet to 78. Sorry about that.

• I’m about two-third through a two-trip, mostly through the western US. And I’ve been writing MNB at odd yesterday, I finished it up at 2 am PDT. Which can be the only explanation for why, when I posted MNB yesterday, I said that this would be the first year that the San Francisco Giants had gotten to the World Series since 1954.

It didn’t take an earthquake to correct me. Just a couple of dozen emails reminding me that the Giants went to the World Series in 1962 (lost to the Yankees in four games), in 1989 (lost to the Oakland A’s in the series affected by the earthquake), and 2002 (lost to the Anaheim Angels in five games).

So I fixed it. But enough people saw the error that I thought I ought to get the mistake - and the facts - on the MNB record.
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