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• The Wall Street Journal reports that “the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled Tuesday controversial plans to again approve genetically modified sugar beets in time for planting next year, a move that would nullify a federal court ruling in August that invalidated the original approval issued by the USDA five years ago.

“The USDA's proposal, published Tuesday, represents the preliminary stage of the process and will be followed by a 30-day comment period before the department makes a final decision. The USDA laid out three possible options in the proposal, including an option not to re approve the sugar beets, but said its preferred course of action would be to ‘authorize the commercial production’ of genetically modified sugar beets under strict regulations.

“The USDA remains in a legal battle with groups seeking to halt all production and planting of genetically modified sugar beets because of concerns that the plants contaminate nearby nonbiotech crops.”

• The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P) said yesterday that it has completed its sale of seven store locations in northern Connecticut to Big Y Foods, which it calls “part of a comprehensive turnaround strategy initially announced by the company in late July.”
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