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Advertising Age reports that Target has decided not to engage in much of the Black Friday promotion free-for-all that typifies the traditional beginning of the end-of-year holiday shopping season, but rather will wait until after the tumult to do much of its advertising.

“It's an unusual -- maybe even brave -- move in an environment where its rivals begin hawking ‘Black Friday’ deals in October and flog ‘Mega Christmas Sale’ events in mid-November,” AdAge writes. “After all, the holidays are far from a time of comfort and joy for retailers; the 55-day sales period accounts for some $450 billion in sales, or about 20% of their annual take.”

While Target won’t be completely silent during the post-Thanksgiving rush, the company says that recessionary shopping patterns have shown that consumers are waiting to see if they can get better prices or find different items, and may not be quite so prone to spending all their limited finds on Thanksgiving weekend.
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