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The Boston Globe has an interesting piece about a Beantown company called Organic Renaissance, a food exchange that “has built a system for distributing food from small companies and farmers that has taken advantage of the locavore movement.”

Essentially, Organic Renaissance makes it possible for small companies to provide product to big retailers such as Whole Foods, providing transportation infrastructure that family-owned dairy farms, for example, might not have.

“The company has seven vehicles and six full-time employees, but expects to hire 27 more over the next year,” the Globe writes. “It has leased space in a 300,000-square-foot hydro-powered warehouse in Athol to be close to the state’s 8,000 farms. For now, the space is being used for storage.

“Adding advanced technology to the locavore equation has caught the attention of state agencies, which have given financial support to Organic Renaissance. In September, it received a $950,000 loan from MassDevelopment, Western Massachusetts Enterprise Fund, and North Central Massachusetts Development Corp.”
KC's View:
Just an interesting view, IMHO, of how new businesses can grow out of consumer trends.