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The technology blog has an interesting piece about what it calls “the internet of things,” in which “objects in the real world are connected to the Web.”

A prime example of this, it says, is the food industry, and the tangible advantages that technology can provide to products that use technology to be more transparent. Here’s the question that poses:

Given the choice of two similar food products, but one has more data about how safe it is - as a consumer, which would you choose? That's an opportunity for food companies to gain an advantage over their competition.

And, the blog goes on:

The back story of a particular food item is valuable to consumers, too, for reasons such as managing health to being able to make moral or ethical judgments ... As a diabetic (type 1), I'm more careful than most people about what I eat. So I can't wait for the day when I'll be able to scan a food item with my smart phone and find out if it's a healthier option for me than a competing product.

Here’s the eye-opener:

This is a huge opportunity for the food industry. Compete on the quality of the data you provide; and win.

In other words, it is not just about the product. It is about the narrative that goes with the product, which for many people will be as important as the item itself.

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- Kevin Coupe
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