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Epsilon Targeting is out with a new survey, suggesting that “an increasing number of consumers switched to store brand products in the previous six months. Most surprisingly, 61% said they switched to private label personal care products, including shampoo and facial moisturizers, while almost 18% of the respondents said they moved to private label baby goods, including diapers, child pain relievers and baby shampoo ... The brand shift is a marked increase over Epsilon Targeting’s last survey, in May 2009, when 51% of respondents said they purchased private label personal care products, and 13% bought baby items.”

According to Epsilon, “these categories historically have a higher perceived cost of switching, because consumers feel they are sacrificing on quality.”

However, the survey also makes it clear that it is way too early to bury national brands: “National brands linger in the minds of shoppers, as indicated by the research. At least 45% of respondents said they would definitely purchase their usual label of personal care, food or household products again if they had a coupon. More than 44% said they would buy their usual brand of health products.”

Among other findings of the survey:

• 75% of respondents switched to store branded household products, with the highest number buying paper towels (49%), followed by bathroom tissue (43%), storage bags (42%) and laundry detergent (39%).

• 74% purchased private-label food products. Ranking high in this category are bread (42%), cheese (36%) and cereal (35%). With food prices continuing to rise, as recently reported by the Wall Street Journal, these figures are poised to increase.

• 59% swapped to store-brand health products, including adult pain relievers (33%) and multi-vitamins (27%).

• 27% of respondents moved to private-label pet care products.
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