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Time reports that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sent warning letters to Phusion Projects and three other companies that manufacture and market premixed caffeine-and-alcohol drinks, saying that their products post a public health concern.

The companies have been warned that if they do not reformulate their products within 15 days - something that Phusion already has promised to do - the agency may seek to ban the sale of their products.

As Time writes, “The problem with mixing alcohol and caffeine is that it prevents people from feeling how drunk they really are. The caffeine masks the effects of alcohol, creating a feeling of being ‘wide-awake drunk.’ This often leads people to drink more than they normally would — or to engage in unsafe behaviors out of a feeling of invincibility.”
KC's View:
I got accused in an email yesterday of allowing my “inner communist” to emerge when I’ve agreed that these drinks ought to be regulated. But when you read the way that Time frames the issue, you could argue that they are engaging in deceptive marketing. Which ought to be regulated. And I’m okay with that.

BTW...I’m okay if the government doesn’t get involved, because retailers simply decide not to carry this stuff. But that’s not going to happen, and I’m worried about young people ending up in emergency rooms or worse.