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In Tyler, Texas, the Tyler Paper reports that as Brookshire’s prepares to open a new FRESH store there early next year, has drafted a group of residents as an advisory board, “made up of a diverse cross section of the community with a love and passion for food ... to offer insight into the planning of the new FRESH store.”

The store is targeted at local residents who, research found, have been driving up to several hours on a reasonably frequent basis to find better fresh foods; the store will include a strong local produce selection, juice and fruit bar, sandwich bar and a taco bar, and 37 feet of prepared food, from meatloaf and mashed potatoes to seared tuna.

"I think that FRESH is a great example that people locally are tuned into the international movement of a healthy lifestyle and healthy living," Courtney Lowery, a member of the advisory board, tells the Paper.
KC's View:
I love stores that do not cater to the lowest common denominator, that believe that good food can be both an ends and a means.